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Capa Mochila

Controle de Qualidade

Each and every wing has a checklist passed though our strict quality control in the factory. This includes line measurement, ground inflation and flight testing. If there was not the opportunity to test fly your glider before you received it then you should get your dealer, or an experienced pilot or qualified instructor, to test fly the glider for you before you fly it.

Note that each glider has a unique sticker attached to the centre cell with the serial number, type of glider, size and weight range.

We recommend that your first flight on your new glider be on a gentle slope in calm conditions before making any further higher flights, just to check the glider completely and for you to get used to flying it.

You should use the same class of harness, and restrict the width of the chest strap, according to the glider's certification as advised by the certification body.


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